Brace yourselves.

I actually think the rise of Donald Trump is going to end up being a net-positive for this country.

I know I know, WHAT!? How could I say that?? He’s literally all the terrible things about this country wrapped up into one shining beacon of hate!

But think about it… you can’t fix an issue until you’re aware that it exists, right? And once you see a pattern, you can’t un-see it. That’s why the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous is to stand up and acknowledge you have a problem. And their system works.

America, thanks to Trump, has now been FORCED to acknowledge a problem it has continued to have with women and minorities for decades, but up until now had been quietly tucked behind a curtain of white male dominated media narrative. Black people have always known it existed. Women have always known. Latinos, gays, and every other oppressed and ostracized group have always known. But White America has lived in blissful ignorance for far, far too long. Now that Trump has pulled BACK that curtain, perhaps we’ll start to see some change. It’s the first step of the program – it’s just the beginning – but it’s important, and it matters. It matters because the people who support him can’t hide. They’ve made their positions clear, and they’ve aligned themselves on the wrong side of history. Turns out, that side never, ever wins.

Obviously this change we need will be slow, and there may be some big bumps and bruises and setbacks along the way, but in the long run? I’m actually really optimistic.

There’s a life philosophy I personally enjoy that states that if you can look at every event as being the best possible thing that could’ve happened to you, you’ll be able to not only find happiness in pain, but it will give you the tools to move forward, using struggle, pain and heartache as opportunity instead of obstacles.

Donald Trump has given our country an opportunity. And we need to seize it.

Here’s a place to start:


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