I’ve been a fan of Andrew McMahon – the driving force behind the bands Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin and now Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, since 2002 when SC’s first big album came out. If you didn’t already know, Something Corporate was just the MOST cliche So Cal emo pop-punk band ever. But for me at 16, they were also just the best. I played that album straight through over and over again – on train rides to Colorado, during strikes of high school plays… constantly.

But the band never really found commercial success.

Sure, the guys made some money, had some tours, did the whole indie band thing, but it’s not until now, almost 15 years, a kid and a bout with cancer later that Andrew McMahon is finally finding that commercial success. His song Celia and the Satellite was featured in the movie PAN, and he has the title song for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon as well, and suddenly he’s finally “made it” without sacrificing that thing that makes his music so killer. His sound is still intact. And that inspires the hell out of me. This is a guy who overcame literally every possible obstacle to do what he loves. He can’t sing (well, couldn’t when he started haha). He got cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. His multiple bands never caught on. But he didn’t stop. He just. Didn’t. Stop.

Got it? That’s all it takes kids.

And as a bonus, his newest song, Something Wild, is performed with Lindsey Stirling who is mindblowingly talented in her own right, AND the message is one that resonates with me down to my soul. Huge win.

But, then again… honestly… any song that has to do with maps and adventure resonates with my soul.  😉




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