I wrote this four years ago, hard to believe it’s now been 15 years:

“Always bizarre to be in NYC on this day. I remember 11 years ago more vividly than probably any other event in my life. It’s hard for me not to think, though, that with the way things have gone in the last decade, the terrorists may have gotten exactly what they wanted. Nonstop war. A massive ideological divide that’s getting wider. Increased hostility towards our fellow Americans. An economic meltdown that can be directly attributed to spreading ourselves too thin financially trying to sustain two wars at once… It’s really a shame.

Today is an opportunity to think back to that horrible day and to honor those who lost their lives, but it’s also an opportunity to think back to the incredible weeks and months that followed 9/11. I’m not talking about any actions the government did or didn’t take. I’m talking about the way we all treated each other. The way we rallied together as AMERICANS instead of Republicans and Democrats. The way we stopped bickering about petty issues and tried to see things from other perspectives. The way we all LIVED FOR THE MOMENT.

No, it didn’t last. But it was pretty great for that short amount of time. How cool would it be if we could get that back? And how cool would it be if it didn’t take 3,000 innocent lives to get us there? I don’t know… just something to think about.”

Live Adventurously.

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