There are two things that have made up the foundational pillars of my life over the last couple years:

Adventure. Personal Growth.

Both have become incredibly important to me as I reach a big milestone in my life. Currently, I’m exactly 10 days away from my 30th birthday. I can tell you right now, I’m not at all where I thought I’d be by thirty, but I’m pretty sure that’s a universal truth, right? Over the last few years, I’ve gone through some difficulties – personal, professional, health-wise, pretty much covering all the bases – but the thing all of those obstacles have taught me is that Every. Single. Experience is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to learn. Unfortunately, human beings are built such that we actually don’t learn a damn thing unless something goes badly (and it seems we’re pretty hard-wired to make things go AMAZINGLY┬ábadly sometimes).

But there’s a fun part. Those obstacles? Those shitty experiences? They pointed me and my life in a whole new direction. They led me to have an adventure┬áthat changed my life. Two and a half years ago, just past the absolute height of my struggles, I asked my brother and two friends if they’d go on a road trip with me.

That was the beginning.

After that 6,000 miles in my 1984 non-power-steering Subaru station wagon, I had an entirely new goal for my life: See and do as many amazing things as I possibly could in my lifetime, and tell those stories, to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Because that trip changed me. It changed me in a way only a real, honest-to-God adventure can. It makes you look at the world in ONLY the present moment. There’s an immediacy to adventure travel that you just don’t get if you stay home.

So the goal of this blog is to finally pull together all those things I love (adventure, film, climbing, writing, photography, it goes on) to tell thought provoking and inspiring stories of Adventure and Personal Growth, because the two are – in my mind – inextricably linked. I hope, after diving in, you’ll agree. Hopefully, if this blog has any impact, it will be to shine a light on the fact that for every seemingly negative experience we have in our lives, something beautiful and miraculous can grow from that place of darkness.

Thanks for visiting.

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